What is the Stretch and Flex Advantage Program?

The Stretch and Flex Advantage, (SAFA) is a Passive One-on-One 15-minute Wellness Initiative program for employees that focuses on relieving common workplace stress and tension through specific stretch therapy protocols which systematically position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate muscles.

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How One NJ Company Disrupted a Billion-Dollar Industry

(Milltown, New Jersey, March 1, 2018) — Now I’m Fit LLC (NIF) proudly announced today that their Stretch and Flex Advantage (SAFA) program is a proven boon to fitness in today’s corporate world.

The SAFA program uses a revolutionary approach for corporate wellness solutions and has contributed to the successful completion of iconic locations like the Freedom Tower (New York City), The Met Life Stadium (Rutherford, NJ), the construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway (NYC), and is currently in several hospitals, law firms and accounting firms among many others.

SAFA is a proprietary signature program called Stretch and Flex Advantage (SAFA). It is a unique 15-minute wellness program for employees that focuses on relieving common workplace stress and tension. It uses specific stretch therapy protocols which systematically position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate muscles resulting in instant gratification. On a weekly basis, NIF provides employees an increased level of productivity while lowering health-care costs, providing a healthier work environment, and enhancing the corporate image.

Now I’m Fit currently services the NY and NJ market. With increasing demands for their service, they have created a CEU certification course to empower fitness and wellness professionals to grow their business and provide the SAFA program nationwide. The foundation of NIF’s philosophy is that they strive to be so effective in what they achieve, that corporations will not be able to ignore the increasing demand for their services.

“For many years, our success has been a direct reflection of our clients’ satisfaction with the SAFA program,” says Jon Gallo, President of Now I’m Fit. In an interview by News Correspondent Brian Weber, Gallo explained how he challenged the corporate blind spot of managing health in the workplace. He stated, “Our passion is helping companies and their employees create real breakthroughs in their workplace and their home life by offering our SAFA program. Not accepting the ‘norm’ is the secret to really big success and changing the culture in the workplace. We know change is hard, usually what we most fear doing is what we most need to do. As a company, we have learned that what you get will never make you happy but what you contribute and who you become will. At Now I’m Fit, we believe in doing more for our clients than anyone else does. It’s not about being good; it’s about being great in anything and everything we do.”

The Now-I’m-Fit staff is professional and reliable, have seasoned expertise, and provide an extension of care and partnership that leads to a more productive and collaborative organization. We will be offering FREE SAFA sessions the entire month of March to the first 50 companies who inquire within.

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Jon and his team offer SAFA, a unique experience that will assist employees in achieving their personal best while becoming the new "workplace norm", revolutionizing the corporate wellness industry. They are professional, reliable, and forward thinkers who customize their approach to meet the various needs of our clients. Whether it be a stretching seminar, health fair, weight management program or group fitness class, NIF will bring quality and value to your wellness strategy. 

Grace G,– Director of Health and Wellness, Brooklyn N.Y.

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