Now I’m Fit LLC (NIF) provides a revolutionary approach for corporate wellness solutions, in the workplace, using a proprietary signature program called Stretch and Flex Advantage (SAFA).  Our SAFA program is a unique experience that will assist employees in achieving their personal best while becoming the new "workplace norm", revolutionizing the corporate wellness industry.  Using a weekly approach, NIF will provide employees with improved wellbeing, an increased level of productivity while lowering self-insured costs for the employer.

NIF brings seasoned expertise, along with professional services, all of which provide an extension of care and a partnership that leads to improved health, measured outcomes and a more productive and collaborative organization.

The foundation of NIF’s philosophy is that we strive to be so effective in what we achieve, that corporations will not be able to ignore the increasing demand for our services.  We strive to anticipate your employee’s needs based on our hands on approach to treatment and care.   That allows us the ability to not only just guess what their needs are but also react to their physical and emotional requirements.  It’s not about being good; it’s about being great in anything and everything we do.  Your employee’s world will be changed by the corporation’s example, not just their opinion.

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