NIF talent representation and management. We will represent clients in domains ranging from golf, tennis and American football to baseball and bodybuilding.

Thanks to our unique brand-focused management philosophy, we effectively oversee the careers of top athletes around the globe. We work to ensure the long-term success of the athletes that confide in us, with an eye towards their post-professional career options.

Contract negotiation is the cornerstone of our expertise. We offer clients privileged access to vibrant networks that allow us to obtain contracts on their behalf. Career strategy and advisory services are an integral

part of our added value: our clients’ branding and career ambitions are priority.

As agents, we build endorsement deals and seek out opportunities for appearances that take our clients’ brands to the next level. To maximize impact, we coordinate marketing, promotions and travel seamlessly. We also offer PR and community management services to extend the reach of our clients’ actions and enhance their return on investment.

IFBB Pro Jeff Beckham, Director of Talent Development

American bodybuilder Jeff Beckham is now our Director of Talent Development, working to inspire young people as a powerful role model for success.

Jeff has won more than a dozen IFBB and NPC competitions since 2007 and is about to compete in the world-class IFBB Arnold Sports Festival in Australia. Also known as the ArnoldSchwarzenegger Sports Festival, the annual event includes strongman, fitness, figure, and bikini competitions in addition to Jeff’s category of professional bodybuilding.

But life’s journey has not been easy for Jeff. As a young man he endured many personal hardships and overcome extraordinary difficulties. Jeff acknowledges that it was thanks to having his own mentor and role model that he was able to win his first big competition.

With help, Jeff soon became a world-renowned bodybuilder. Another defining moment was when Jeff prepared for a bodybuilding show with the wrong kind of diet, resulting in disappointing results. That taught him the value of healthy nutrition.

Now he is excited to be able to give back to a new generation in that same way. Today he shares his experience and scientific tips, techniques, secrets, with youngsters who, like himself, can make life-changing progress with proper mentorship and training. He has a passion for educating, inspiring, and transforming the lives of others.

There are only four spots available for private clients to train one-on-one with Jeff and his team. But if you are ready for that kind of challenge and want safe, effective, next-level training contact us ASAP. We’ll offer you a free consultation to explain our phenomenal approach to health and fitness, tailored to your individual needs and goals.

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